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A Public Talk on Information Activism: A Queer History of Lesbian Media Technologies with Cait McKinney - Shared screen with speaker view
Margie Borschke
For Macquarie Colleagues, a link to the book in the library https://multisearch.mq.edu.au/permalink/f/i7uiug/MQ_ALMA51243326730002171
Kerryn Drysdale
A collection of Wicked Women publications is available at UNSW Galleries' exhibition 'Friendship as a way of life' virtual tour. And Sophie Robinson and I talk specifically about Wicked Women's legacy to lesbian space. https://artdesign.unsw.edu.au/unsw-galleries/friendship
Sara Raffel
Thank you from Orlando, FL :) I have to head out because tired baby is tired.
Jess McLean
Thanks for a great talk today Cait and CMH! I’ve got a meeting at 11am to get to - looking forward to reading your book.
Rob Cover
Thanks enormously Cait, that was so fascinating--very exciting and important work! :)
Carolyn G Guertin
Fascinating conversation. Unfortunately I have back to back Zoom meetings. Would love to continue the conversation. I discuss this women’s activist networks in my book on remix culture (a topic Margie Borschke) just mentioned).
holly (she/her)
thanks so much!
Kate Manlik
I’m sorry, I have to dash. Thank you so much, Cait! Can’t wait to read the book!!
Kayla Hilstob
Thank you to Cait and to the organizers of this event. Interesting and thought-provoking work, and I look forward to reading the book! I also must run now
Jock Given
I have to go - thanks very much indeed for a great talk Cait and for the whole event CMH.
Sarah Ciston
This is awesome, thank you <3 ‘erotics of information’
Kelly Heylen
Thank you so much, this was great!
Stefan Solomon
Thanks a lot, Cait!
Carolyn G Guertin
Thank you so much. Really inspiring.